Who is Kynk & Why?

Our Philosophy

If you can't eat it we don't use it!  We know that some of the ingredients don’t taste good, but they won't hurt you.  We NEVER use Petroleum/ Petrolatum/ Mineral Oil (all the same thing), parabens, dyes, fragrance/ perfume/ parfum, sodium laureth sulfate, lauryl ether sodium sulfate, nor anything like it.  We do pride ourselves on using lots, and lots of Love!

Our Raison d'Etre

As an African girl growing up in Canada’s harsh cold climate, I struggled hourly with my thick, dense, weak, and extremely kynky hair. By age 25 I had given up and shaved my head for three years. When I was ready to live with hair again, I wanted to do so  naturally. No more relaxers or other chemical processes.  As my hair got longer and longer (or rather bigger and bigger), I found I needed help.  I had always read food ingredient labels, so why shouldn’t I pay attention to personal care products ingredient labels.  If I wasn’t prepared to eat these compounds, why would I rub them all over the largest organ and most porous/absorptive part of my body (skin & scalp)?

Well tons of research & experimentation lead me to the recipe that would become Hair Honey, and many others.  I hope you enjoy them.

Love your Kynks,