So What About Our Sunscreen?

Well, we're so glad we asked!  We've launched our second campaign offering Gift Cards for PetroCanada, Starbucks & Home Depot to raise $30,000 - you may have already been to (see the badge on the right) where I promised to provide all the fine details here. 

Firstly it's made with Shea Butter & Oil, Jojoba, Seabuckthorn, and Zinc Oxide.  We chose Shea because we believe it's the secret to all of Life's problems (we love it that much), Jojoba for the high slippery feel which counter acts Zinc's chalky texture, and that it's so good for you; Seabuckthorn for it's 41 carotenoids supporting cellular regeneration & giving a silky smooth feeling to skin.  We chose Zinc Oxide because we believe it is the safest  of all the Active Ingredients Health Canada & FDA approve of. 

Many have raised concerns of Zinc's nanomicronization and that if the particles are too small they may be absorbed by the skin.  The Eurpean Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety is of the opinion that

"Experimental evidence shows that both nano and non-nano particulate forms of ZnO are not absorbed through the skin. Also on a theoretical ground, larger sized (nonnano) particles of ZnO are less likely to be absorbed through the skin than the nanoforms." SCCS/1489/12 (Revision of 11 December 2012)

So we are going with particles greater than 100nm.  This will mean of course that the sunscreen will be whitening.  But fear not even I, a woman of immediate African decent finds the ... "sheen" actually enhancing.  Watch the video here to see how well it goes on!

Kynk has always used the simplest & safest kitchen ingredients, and methods to create wholesome handcrafted body care products.  However, to produce a product that is called "sunscreen" with any kind of "SPF," Health Canada requires us to test each individual ingredient, the completed formula's efficacy and stability, and manufacture in a regulated facility.  So while our SunCreamPasty White Babies will not be handcrafted in our Crafter's homes, at least we know the ingredient integrity will still be worthy of Kynk (and our children)!

We’ve had 8 great years of serving you the best handcrafted bodycare products possible from the women’s Co-Op in Ghana, to our kitchens in small town Ontario.  This project will enable us to employ more women both in Canada and Ghana.

Folks, the best sunscreen is shade, long sleeves, and common sense.  And for those times where extra protection is required, please choose a product dedicated to your safety and well being!  Click here to get a full value Gift Card (give $25, get a $25 Gift Card) and make this world less toxic!

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