New Product Laugh Line Re-Definer

We see how gorgeous you are from all those years of laughing - besides they also double for "Don't-Mess-With-Me-Lines!"  With this product we intend to eradicate the Beauty Industry!  There ain't NO cream in the world gonna make you beautiful baby.  Y'all'll have to take that one up wi'ch yo' Maker.  And I don't mean by changing your "jeans" or "DANA" (remember I sound like Madea here). 

Wether you think of it as Joni Mitchell/ CSNY "We are Starlight, We are Golden..." or The I Ching chi, or The Love of God, Beauty comes from within.  We all have great hair & skin.  Some of us have yet to figure out how to live with them in a world filled with chlorinated water, toxins, and unsuitable fashion styles. 

Our intention is to get you back to The Garden by helping you nurture your Beauty naturally: 

  1. Smile (if that was easy go ahead & laugh
  2. Love someone unconditionally (yes, you do have to tell them, but you don't need a response) 
  3. Do what YOU need to do (ie. don't wear coral & cobalt even if it's in season or that's all that's available. )

Now that you know you are splendid (and always have been), our Laugh Line Re-Definer is available to help you with your natural nurturing.  Argan, Shea, Camelia, Meadowfoam, Borage, Evening Primrose, Geranium, Seabuckthorn, & Carrot serve a PowerHouse of antioxidants to maintain hydration, revitalize, and nourish your lovely face.  We don't take the "Beauty Industry" seriously, but ours is SERIOUS stuff!

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