We've Burned the Ships

...but I'm seeing a lot of trees around to make more!  I set out on my Kynk Quest in 2005 after I lost my job.   I had wanted to share my hair treatment with friends, and since I had so much extra time...  Little did I know how long and SLOW this road would be!  Ah, some of you didn't realize I'm not as big as Estee Lauder or Coco Channel.  Alas, these brilliant women are not my peers.  While BLESSED to be where I am,  I still have a whole lotta road to go.

Like everyone else, I get my period and think I'm haggard, life is over, and I should quit.  Thank goodness they've been getting shorter & shorter since I turned 40.  Really, what else can I do!?!  There's no patent on Shea Butter, there's no Secret Ingredient, I'm not in this for the science.  I'm in this for the lifestyle: because typically I can't afford Fair Trade or Organic any other way.  Because I have no other platform for empowering women in Ghana, or here in Canada.  Because I cannot bring myself to sample The Competition on my children when they use ingredients I wouldn't feed my kids for dinner. 

So MANY thanks too all my beloved customers: because of you my family can support fairly traded & organic producers (and eat dinner)!  You're darned tootin' my business is personal, I just don't take it personally ;D

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